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Group Health

Why are Group Benefits Important?

"Employers who engage in effective wellness programs will see a lower cost to providing benefits, lower absentee rates and an increase in productivity. Healthy employees will have a positive impact on office morale and team building"-from Michael Lavoys' "Switching Gears"

Group benefits make up an important part of employer incentive packages and are often a prospective employee's deciding factor in accepting a position.

Employer sponsored benefits are often more affordable than individual benefit plans, because an insurer can effectively spread the risk of the insurance across the entire group.

In addition to more affordable premiums, group insurance plans typically have more comprehensive coverage options and a wider selection of plans available to choose from.

How do I find the BEST plan for MY Business?

Health Insurance and other employee benefits can be a very confusing maze of options and choices, that if not fully understood, can make or break your business. Choosing a broker consultant that can help you work your way through the healthcare benefit maze is a crucial step in implementing any changes to your benefit package. Ensure you find a consultant, such as Professional Benefit Solutions, LLC, who will make sure that you have a firm grasp on what you are purchasing and help you make the appropriate choices.

What should you expect from your broker consultant?

An independent agent has many companies to select from in helping you pick the best plan. They can compare companies to find the best policy at a fair price and they usually have access to additional types of insurance products to meet your changing needs.

Experienced brokers have the knowledge to help you narrow the field down to the most appropriate choices for your company. This is what makes the broker so valuable and why we suggest working with a seasoned broker.
Independent brokers and captive agents are both paid the same way - they receive a commission from the company once a policy is sold. The only difference to the client is that an independent broker has more companies to select from and because they work with so many different policies, they often have more knowledge to pull from when advising clients.

The advice a broker provides when selecting a plan or in helping you understand the package after the transaction should be provided at no additional charge.

Our Goals

Analyze your business goals and develop strategies that utilize your insurance programs to further those goals

Make any needed recommendations and obtain competitive quotes form quality insurance companies that can provide the solutions that will compliment your employee benefit programs.

Ensure the smooth management and operation, becoming your insurance advocate, for any and all of your employee benefit programs

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Yvonne L. Denny, President
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Professional Benefit Solutions, LLC.

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