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Group Dental

Why is Group Dental Important?

Selecting a dental plan for your employees is all about balance. On the one hand, you want a dental plan that fits your budget. But you also want the right mix of basic benefits with more specialized benefits that help target your employees’ overall health. We can help you get dental plans, you can count on:

Strong network access

Solid coverage at a good price

Benefits that make sense for helping improve dental health — and overall health

Service you can trust

How does dental insurance work?

Dental insurance works in much the same way that medical insurance works. For a specific monthly rate (or "premium"), you are entitled to certain dental benefits, usually including regular checkups, cleanings, x-rays, and certain services required to promote general dental health. Some plans will provide broader coverage than others and some will require a greater financial contribution on your part when services are rendered. Some plans may also provide coverage for certain types of oral surgery, dental implants, or orthodontia.

What is the best dental plan for me?

Although there is no one "best" dental insurance plan, some plans may work better for you and your family than others. Plans differ primarily in how much you'll have to pay monthly for your coverage and how much you'll have to pay when dental services are rendered. Some plans will require that you pay a certain co-payment for services, or meet a specific deductible before the dental insurance company begins payment. Other plans may limit coverage to a specific dollar-amount maximum per year.

What is a Dental PPO?

Dental PPO (Preferred Provider Organization or Participating Provider Organization) plans are perhaps the most common type of managed care dental insurance plans. Most Dental PPO plans require you to pay a deductible. With a Dental PPO plan the patient typically obtains care through a network of dental providers who agree to serve the plan's members at reduced rates. When you use a network provider, you will typically pay a certain percentage (e.g. 20%) of the reduced rate, and the insurance company will pay the remaining percentage (e.g. 80%).

As a member of a Dental PPO plan, you may use dentists outside of the Dental PPO plan network, but you will typically only be reimbursed based on the amount that a network dentist would have accepted as payment in full. The rest of the total charges will be considered the patient's responsibility.

Our Goal

Analyze your dental insurance needs and develop a plan that will get the coverage you require.

Make any needed recommendations and obtain competitive quotes from quality insurance companies that can provide the solutions that will accomplish your desired goals.

Ensure the smooth management and operation, becoming your insurance advocate, for any and all of your employee benefit programs.

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